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How to sync in all my devices

Activate iCloud in all your devices going to Settings -> Setup iCloud.

If you notice that your device is not synchronized, pull down the main panel so Tag Journal will activate immediatly the synchronization.

How to change the font

You can change the font from Settings. Notice that there are two separate settings: one for the editing mode and another one for the preview mode.

How to edit an entry for a specific day

First, select the calendar icon you will find at the bottom left-hand corner, choose your day and press Selected day.

How to use the accessory keyboard

Tag Journal provides a useful accessory keyboard to apply styles in iPad. There are two ways of doing this: 1. Selecting the markdown symbol first and then typing your text; 2. Selecting your text first and then the markdown symbol. In both cases, you'll automatically get the start and end symbols.

How to set the language for the accessory keyboard

Change the keyboard language to English or Spanish, and the Tag Journal accessory keyboard will provide you with the most widely-used symbols for the selected language.

If the world icon in the keyboard does not appear, this means there is only one keyboard set.

To add the missing English or Spanish keyboard, go to Settings in your device -> General -> International -> Keyboards, and you can add a new keyboard there.

What is Markdown?

Markdown, created by John Gruber of Daring Fireball, is the language we chose to use to allow rich text within Tag Journal. Basically, it allows italic and bold plus several other simple formatting options that can be written using plain-text.
Tag Journal integrates the most popular Markdown syntax symbols in its accessory keyboard.
To get the complete Markdown guide, go to http://daringfireball.net/.

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